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2015 MIT SDM Conference: “Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges”

The 2015 MIT Systems Design & Management Conference took place on October 6 & 7, 2015. The topic hooked me right away with its promise of “Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges”. The flyers added to the ‘doors-will-be-opened’ flavor by underlining that this would be about “A Whole Systems Approach to Product Design and Development”. I was ready. Continue reading


From Data Collection and Analysis to Business Action

[My guest post on the GreenPages blog, April 24, 2015]

Here is a progression that most businesses experience in the data arena.

  • You go from no data or bad data to “better” data.
  • You start having reports regularly show up in your mailbox.
  • The reports go from being just tables to showing trend lines.
  • You evolve to dashboards that bring together data from many sources.
  • You fork into sets of operational and strategic reports and dashboards, KPIs driven, with drill down.

By this point, you have Operational Data Stores (ODSs), data warehouses….   Read more…

Big Data Insights from Practitioners

HMG’s 2015 CIO Executive Leadership Summit in Boston, Feb 12, 2015 was stellar. Congratulating Hunter Muller, President and CEO of HMG Strategy, I remarked that what stood out to me was the quality of the panel discussions: cogent, thought provoking and with just the right mix of well-picked experts. Nowhere was this truer than in the discussion on “Big Data: The Next Frontier – Insights and Strategies from Massachusetts Big Data Pioneers”. The panelists were Nidhi Aggarwal, VP of Product Strategy at Tamr, Prat Moghe, Founder and CEO at Cazena, Bill Simmons, CTO at DataXu, Paul Sondregger, VP Big Data Strategy at Oracle and Bob Zurek, SVP Products at Epsilon. The panel was ably moderated by Jo Hoppe, until recently CIO at PAREXEL.

Here is what I heard from the panel.  Continue reading

Ipswitch – Looking At The Future Of IT

[Post about my talk in CBR Online, October 8, 2013]

Joe Curtis, reporter for Computer Business Review at Progressive Digital Media Group, wrote an article on CBR Online based on a talk I gave to visiting European journalists. You can read the article here.  I spoke about the future of IT and what the converging digital technologies mean for business and the end-user.

The Convergence of Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data

[In July, I was invited by Salesforce to be the speaker at the launch of their new CIO Thought Leadership series of meetings.  The suggested topic was, “The future of IT and cloud computing in a social, mobile, digital world.  Here is what I said.]

Every day IT is bombarded with statistics that talk about a future that WILL happen – and the question is posed, is our ship ready to get us to that distant shore?  Just yesterday, I saw statistics from Intel, saying that by 2015 the number of connected users will grow by 55% that connected devices will triple in number, that storage needs will quadruple over today, and that global cloud IP traffic will grow almost 5-fold!  For vendors like Intel, there is a relatively clear response with products.  For IT, the answers are less clear and with many choices – but the convergence of four major areas is very obvious. Continue reading