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2015 Predictions

[My post in Virtual-Strategy Magazine, January 5, 2015]

2015 promises to be an exciting but challenging year for IT departments. The further availability of affordable devices will lead to an increase in network bandwidth and security issues while the much anticipated Windows 10 will make its debut. Based on my observations, here are four predictions for 2015 with a better than average chance of playing out.  Read more…


WYOD = The Next Big IT Department Headache?

[My post in The daily Network Monitor, October 27, 2014]

Over the past few years, organizations have been forced to deal with the rapid rise of BYOD, which created a number of IT problems as more and more employees began bringing in their own devices to the workplace. Today, there is a new trend IT departments are preparing to deal with that could be more troublesome than its predecessor: Wear Your Own Device (WYOD). With the number of wearable devices steadily increasing, from Google Glass to Apple watches, it’s only a matter of time before we see a proliferation of wearables in the enterprise.  Read more…

Is IT Really A Cost Center?

[My post in the Ipswitch File Transfer blog All Things Manged File Transfer, May 20, 2014]

At a recent May CIOboston event by CIOsynergy,  I met two folks from Apprenda: Chris Gaun, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Dave Cohn who heads Northeast Sales for the company.  Apprenda is a ‘Private Platform as a Service’ company that sponsored the event with Microsoft. Both made the remark that IT needs to transition from being a cost center to being a profit center and do so by developing more customer-facing software for the business. Continue reading

What IT Roles and Skills Should Live in the Business? (Premier CIO Forum)

[My post in the Ipswitch File Transfer blog All Things Manged File Transfer and in the Ipswitch Whatsup Gold blog The Daily Network Monitor, March 28, 2014]

I was asked recently to speak on “What IT skills/roles should reside in the Business”.  This was on a panel at the Premier CIO Forum in Boston in March a well-attended and engaging event supported by SIM (Society for Information Management). It was an impressive roster of IT executives from across the New England region. Continue reading

Ipswitch – Looking At The Future Of IT

[Post about my talk in CBR Online, October 8, 2013]

Joe Curtis, reporter for Computer Business Review at Progressive Digital Media Group, wrote an article on CBR Online based on a talk I gave to visiting European journalists. You can read the article here.  I spoke about the future of IT and what the converging digital technologies mean for business and the end-user.

Winning IBM’s Websphere Community Award

Over the years Ipswitch has won many awards — and we continue to do so — for our stellar software products, our community work, and our workplace environment.  Yet there is one award that stands out for me.  It is one that my IT team brought home: IBM’s Websphere Community Recognition Award.

What the award recognizes is the Ipswitch IT teams’s excellence in the integration work we did between Salesforce and more than a dozen on-premise and cloud products using IBM Websphere’s Cast Iron product.  Paul Ray is the master of this.  His Introduction to the Websphere CastIron Management API graces IBM’s developerWorks web site.  Paul steered the effort and led his colleagues to this success.

A motto of mine, one that I have always emphasized with the folks who wok for me, is:  “Make ships not waves”.  Here is a good example of where the waves just naturally follow when the work stands out.  I am grateful for my team of stars for what they accomplish.