Winning IBM’s Websphere Community Award

Over the years Ipswitch has won many awards — and we continue to do so — for our stellar software products, our community work, and our workplace environment.  Yet there is one award that stands out for me.  It is one that my IT team brought home: IBM’s Websphere Community Recognition Award.

What the award recognizes is the Ipswitch IT teams’s excellence in the integration work we did between Salesforce and more than a dozen on-premise and cloud products using IBM Websphere’s Cast Iron product.  Paul Ray is the master of this.  His Introduction to the Websphere CastIron Management API graces IBM’s developerWorks web site.  Paul steered the effort and led his colleagues to this success.

A motto of mine, one that I have always emphasized with the folks who wok for me, is:  “Make ships not waves”.  Here is a good example of where the waves just naturally follow when the work stands out.  I am grateful for my team of stars for what they accomplish.