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Ipswitch – Looking At The Future Of IT

[Post about my talk in CBR Online, October 8, 2013]

Joe Curtis, reporter for Computer Business Review at Progressive Digital Media Group, wrote an article on CBR Online based on a talk I gave to visiting European journalists. You can read the article here.  I spoke about the future of IT and what the converging digital technologies mean for business and the end-user.


Technology Convergence And Its Implications For IT

I was invited to speak at the Salesforce “Connect For Growth” event in Boston in August.  There were 300 attendees; Salesforce customers and prospects.  Here is a video of my talk.  On the stage asking me questions is Adam Gilberd, Senior Area Vice President, Commercial Sales, at Salesforce.  My earlier talk at the Salesforce CIO Thought Leadership dinner had been popular and Adam wanted me to cover similar ground with this larger audience.  Following the talk was a panel discussion in which I also participated.