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Converged Infrastructure: Paving the Way to Converged Operations

[My post in Network Computing, August 26, 2016]

Hyperconverged appliances are all the rage, but businesses can do more with converged infrastructure products. Read more…


CIO Survival Skills For Today’s IT Transformation

[My interview in FierceCIO, October 27, 2014]

From David Weldon’s article in FierceCIO:
A recent study concluded that CIOs today are living in a period of unprecedented change and challenge. That doesn’t make victory easy, when the goal line keeps moving on the field.

To get a better sense of this transformation, FierceCIO spoke with Azmi Jafarey, CIO of software company Ipswitch, about how his role in IT has changed, what is driving the evolution and where he sees the greatest challenges ahead.  Read more…

[Also referenced in Fierce CIO, November 3, 2104, CIOs: Focus on emerging tech to keep business, customers happy]


The Convergence of Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data

[In July, I was invited by Salesforce to be the speaker at the launch of their new CIO Thought Leadership series of meetings.  The suggested topic was, “The future of IT and cloud computing in a social, mobile, digital world.  Here is what I said.]

Every day IT is bombarded with statistics that talk about a future that WILL happen – and the question is posed, is our ship ready to get us to that distant shore?  Just yesterday, I saw statistics from Intel, saying that by 2015 the number of connected users will grow by 55% that connected devices will triple in number, that storage needs will quadruple over today, and that global cloud IP traffic will grow almost 5-fold!  For vendors like Intel, there is a relatively clear response with products.  For IT, the answers are less clear and with many choices – but the convergence of four major areas is very obvious. Continue reading