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IT And The Changing Nature of Business Urgency

[My post in FierceCIO, April 27, 2015]

There was a time when IT responsiveness was measured in business days for certain requests, and in hours for more “business critical,” truly urgent tasks, in which the business were at risk. For most IT departments, almost every request today comes as urgent or top priority. Why is this?  Read more…

Merrimack Valley Sandbox Awards

A couple of weeks back, I was one of the judges for the Merrimack Valley Sandbox finalists. The Sandbox is a mentorship program to encourage entrepreneurship in Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Seven contestants made a pitch (they are with me in the picture) and we ranked them.  Then a second round of judges on another day ranked another seven contestants.  And finally, last week, Desh Deshpande, whose foundation is a major contributor, and Daniel Rivera, Mayor of Lawrence, handed out cash awards to the winners, from a pool of $25,000. Continue reading